Dubai Desert BAJA races have been a tradition back in the years but stopped a few years back just after the recession hit Dubai and the interest seemed far lower than needed to run the races.

However now interest has picked up for motosport in UAE and EMSF and ATC has done their part in trying to improve the race calendars and synchronize all events happening here in UAE. As planned the first race will take place  on 11th october 2013 and the summary of the race setup can be find below. Remember 9october for the Scrutineering in Dubai Autodrome!

We are happy to announce the news and hopefully we will se a huge interest and good coming Baja Race season here in Dubai.

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 Information Forms to download

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Championship Regulations

Round 1 Supplementary Regulations

Technical Regs / Advice re “Non FIA” buggies.


1. Dr Ben Sulayem has generously agreed that those who do not hold a
current competition licence will have to obtain one, BUT, in view of the
fact that there are only two events in 2013, those taking out a licence for
these events will be issued with an FOC licence for 2014.

2. Motos will run in the morning – Cars / Buggies in the afternoon.

3. It is a 20 km lap over some great terrain

4. Duration will be 2 hours +/- 15 mins. Note- Not a preset number of

5. The route will be defined by markers and Passage Controls

6. Scrutineering is Garage 9, Dubai Autodrome, 14:00 – 20:00,
Wednesday 9th October.

7. Autos – Group “S” cars that satisfy the scrutineers re safety will
be permitted to run.

8. The event location will be announced at Scrutineering.

The series is organised by the EMSF with the assistance and support of the

The plan is to re-establish the sport and then increase the level to Cat 2
(GPS Navigation), Cat 3 (One Day Desert Challenge), leading up to Cat 4
(Desert Challenge). It is anticipated that there will be particular interest
in the Buggy section, but it will take time for the newcomers to conform to
the Technical Regulations. The Category system is conceived to gradually
improve their knowledge and understanding of the discipline, leading them to
World Championship level in achievable steps.