Cycling is one of the fastest growing sports in Dubai, UAE.

There has always been a great interest here for cycling, but recent years have seen a good initiative from Government of Dubai to build safe places to cycle and promote the health benefits that comes with cycling.  More or less anyone can start cycling with more or less experience from before. Bikes are available from a range of different dealership and quality here in UAE, prices vary from 2-3000 from the cheaper quality cycles and goes up to almost 90000AED for the top top elite cycles here in the prime cycle-hops here in Dubai. Staff in the prime shops are experienced and know their products very well so go and see them to get the right fit and support that you need to get going.

Once you have your equipment to start cycling get yourself a speedometer and see where you are in the way of speed and distance you can keep. That is a great guide to know when you are looking for cycle groups as they normally base their training on average speeds and distance. A great way of starting cycling is on the Autodrome on Wednesdays where you can cycle on the Autodrome raceway for free and try out your skills and meet other keen cyclists.

But remember -no helmet -no ride is a requirements here in Dubai so get yourself a nice helmet as well!

Below you find the more popular cycle clubs here in Dubai who communicate in English:


Dubai Roadsters

The very original cycle group here in Dubai. Very well organized and the brain behind it all is Wolfi cycle shop. The cycle club organizes a wide range of distances and levels of cycling, have a look on their site and our calendar.


Ride shop club

A fairly new cycle club that focuses on  midweek cycle on Nad al sheba cycle track and a early longer cycle on Al Qudra on saturdays. A great friendly group.


Revolution cycles

Revolution cycles is behind the Autodrome cycle events on wednesdays. A great initiative which is very safe and a friendly environment to start cycling.

Cycle Safe Dubai

Cycle Safe Dubai organise the very popular Friday rides at Al Qudra cycle track and the well-spoken Saturday morning coffee run out to Bab Al Shams and back. Both rides start at 6am (slightly earlier in summer) These guys are the main driving force to build all the safe cycle routes here in Dubai.



Probike is a boutique cycle shop in Barsha. Friendly ambitious cyclists. They arrange rides on every Monday night, join the crew from Probike for a short but sweet 36km ride out-and-back on the Al Qudra cycle track around 6.30. Pace is around 28-30kph.


Skydive Pro cycling Team

Skydive Pro cycling team is the only pro team from Dubai. Follow them here!