Dubai International Motorshow started today on 5 november 2013. This is by far the largest event on the motor front in UAE. All major brands are here to showcase their new models and future releases as this is where the customers are high net worth individuals spending big money on cars.

We went to visit the show and found a few favorites. See our album and take a guess what we fell for? As the xtreme-sports nerds we are, we kind of need space for all our gear and equipment. So we can not resist to be pumped for the new Ford F150 Atlas concept truck. Definitely left the competitors behind on that design. Brabus showed a 6-wheeled G-wagon, seems to be space enough for a dirtbike on the back!

Of course all new supercars where lined up one after the other and you can not be other than stoked for all the amazing products coming out. More than 100 launches, new concept cars and an event that predicts over 100000 visitors over the 5 days.

Spania came to visit with their carbonfibre supercar GTA Spano. ¬†Hennessey with their Venom GT, 1244HP! Rolls Royce Wraith is there in red. Alfa Romeo with the new 4C. Jeep’s new Cherokee Trailhawk, a new Dodge Viper GTS, Bentley Mulsanne, Mercedes S-class coupe, Lexus brought their flagship supercar LFA, Chevrolets new Corvette was there, ¬†Lincoln showed its new MKT and the list goes on and on. Get your tickets now!

Check out our pictures from the first day and we will post a video shortly.


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