Dubai Motocross Club has been in establishment for several years and is the only mx club in UAE, with recurrent events, organized training and racing. Two tracks is available, one for kids and one senior proper 2km motocross track. Track is maintained by the club with rented tractors and the aim has always been to keep it fresh ever 2 weeks, rarely does that happen though but we believe it will get better. Once track manager is always on site except Sundays to water (salt water) and maintain the facilities. The club has a committee that is elected every year on the AGM, generally held in June/July every year. If you get a Membership it will get you cheaper practice and race fees, as well as helping the club to promote and maintain the facilities. Location of the mx track is just opposite Jebel Ali Golf resort and Spa in Jebel ali. See map here.


Dubai Motocross start

Dubai Motocross start

Season 2013/2014 is coming closer and what we heard, is that a new track design is in progress. Great news as the current track was getting a bit rough and hard to maintain, due to a technical layout with perhaps a bit too many jumps and sharp corners. Current track is built on a hard packed concrete/stone base with sand on top. This is to keep the track hard and not get the general sand-tracks that you will have on most other places in the country.

New for this season is increased membership fees to 1200AED. This will get you practice fees of 75AED per day on weekends and 50AED on weekdays. Non-members pay 150AED on weekends and 100AED on weekdays. Family membership is available to at 1500AED which gives you 100AED practice fee for up to 4persons any day. Further on, annual practice fee is available at 3500AED for any day and 2500AED for weekends only, then you can ride as much as you like, all year, as long as you also are a member of the club.


We understand the difficulties with running a motocross club in Dubai and UAE. Land is hard to get full rights to and organize the club with all the daily maintenance and problems is nothing for the faint hearted. However all we can hope for, is a club that puts the riding in focus. A nice track open to all riding skills which is easy to maintain, must be the aim. The motocross interest in Dubai is huge, but perhaps mostly focused on the desert riding, so lets hope for more new faces on the track this year with a new committee and hopefully a new track that should attract the wider crew.

Full details is available on their site