The second UAE Desert Championship race took place outside of Al Ain Road in Liasali. The loop was roughly around 20km and took around 20min for the faster guys.

Sam Sunderland came to visit and so did most of the fastest riders in Dubai Motocross Series. The motocross riders got an obvious benefit of bike handling and stamina, over the weekend warriors, but perhaps not too familiar with the desert and the unexpected terrain out there.

The loop was mixed of bigger dunes, fast +100kph sections and smaller choppy dunes including some stretches of hardpacked sandstone. We would say its a simple track who anyone can manage to ride that is familiar with riding a dirtbike. EMSF did a great job of setting the races up and the feedback of organization is just great. We are happy to see that the sport is getting this feedback and the amount of riders are increasing for every race. This time almost 100 bikes registered.

Winner in 450 (main class) was Ross Runnalls after Sam Sunderland had some mishaps with fuel calculation and finished 5th. Auto-class won by Khalid Aljafla. Master class by Cameron Waugh, Marathon by Kris Karcher, Open by Sean Linton, Quad by Mohammed Shamshi and finally Ladies by Victoria Northway.

Full results published here.

See you on the next one!