A classic in Dubai standards, most laps in 6h. An event that used to be called Hot Cogs Hot Six, now taken over by Dubai Government subsidized operation of the trail centre of Hatta MTB.

Hatta is about 1.5h drive from Dubai towards Fujairah and locals can get there in 1h as they can drive through the Oman border on Hatta-road, thats not the case for expats. However its worth the drive, trails are marked and easy to find you way around. There are bathrooms, new visitor centre is open and MTB rentals on weekend are available from Adventure HQ and Cycle Hub at this time.

The race was brutal but fun, mostly if you ride the 6h solo. Team options are available and probably the most sane option. 8000AED for prize money for first in each category. Cash drive people here. So its said this years race was the largest MTB race in GCC.

Results below;



The full lap GoPro lap video below: