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A few guidelines for Mountainbiking in Dubai

In UAE and Dubai there is not much forest to talk about whereof the lack of riding places is very obvious. However there is a great community and interest among riders who put in a lot of passion and interest to build tracks in the mountain region towards Fujairah, where most locations are for riding. About 1 to 1.5h driving from Dubai,  aim for Sharjah-Kalba road, which is easiest accessed from Dubai By-pass road and exit 70.

When you ride in Dubai and UAE, please follow a few very important rules and guidelines:

-Always ride with helmet, no group will accept you without this mandatory safety equipment!

-Bring some repair kit for punctures and minor adjustments. The bike shops have great kits for this purpose.

-Bring a GPS and a phone! this could potentially save your life in case of real emergency. 999 is emergency number in UAE.

-Never dehydrate! Water and electrolyte drinks are a must in the warmer months.

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Mountainclubs in Dubai

Hot Cogs

Hot Cogs was the first real good mountainbike group. A fast paced pack of riders from UK that normally ride every friday morning or even at nights out in the Showqa trails towards Kalba, Fujairah.

UAE Mountain bikers

Dubai Mountain Bikers UAE is a fairly new group ride but by far the largest community. The filipinos are the drivers behind this group. Possibly not focus on speed and push you til you drop but surely one of the most friendly groups out there with a great social ambience.


Small mountainbike group in UAE and not sue how active they are.


UAE Mountainbiking

A group of mostly filipinos who organize rides and communicates events and happenings across Dubai and UAE. A great group!


MTB Fridays

A few expats riding out in Showqa on fridays, happy and good group rides.


Kom Mtb UAE

A group focused on newbies / beginners out there in the rough terrain of Showqa. Great initiative!



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  •  HATTA MTB Trail Cente
    This is a new push from Dubai Municipality and the main man behind Hot Cogs (mtb group in UAE). They have developed a series of trails in Hatta, UAE which is in the mountain area towards Fujairah. We are stoked on the development of MTB in UAE and hope this continues with great support from Dubai and hopefully soon XDubai! The GPS location of start point is: 24.81517,56.16103
  • Showqa Roundabout MTB start point

    Main start point for mtb trips in Showqa Dubai
    UAE (sharjah)
    Always people starting off from here at sunrise, year-around on fridays.

  • Showqa Dam 2 start point

    Popular parking lot next to one of the dam’s in Showqa
    Showqa mtb start point uae

  • Showqa Blue water tank

    Another useful meet up point for mtb in UAE
    Less popular meet point but normal start for “rocky gardens”

  • Wadi Bih, Dibba, 34km, 1000m alt climb

    scenic gravel-road cycle up Wadi Bih in Oman. All easy climb on gravel road until you hit last 4-5km. Steep hill!

  • Gregor’s Mount Complete Loop, Start point

    Cycle up the “frame” hill and come back on other side. That is the loop.
    Not easy to get here with vehicle but more of a emergency coordinate ICE.

  • Mushrif park, Mirdif

    Not the greatest for cycling but ok small 4km loop
    mushrif park, Dubai.

  • Nad al sheba cycle track

    Not any MTB’s but safe to cycle. Open all day any day. We are guessing that this track will close eventually when the new “city” will be built here!
    nad al sheba cycle track, Dubai

  • Autodrome cycle loop @ cycle hub

    Autodrome Motorcity
    Every monday at 18.00 they start of from the shop for 1-2h mountainbiking. Contact them before heading off to be sure they are cycling that evening.

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Showqa Mountainbike GPX and TCX GPS files for safe STRAVA cycling

Showqa STRAVA rides for your GPS. Download these files to get access to the GPX and TCX files for upload onto your GPS to follow Showqa trails on your MTB in Dubai (Sharjah). Enjoy!

Hatta MTB Trail centre GPX –Here

Classic Showqa -Here

Greggors Climb -Here

Gregor loop -Here

Gregorscomplete loop -Here

Hot Cog round about start -Here

Wadi Racer -Here

Wadi Racer Short TT -Here

Complete track collection Showqa -Here

-Right-click on the “here” text and select “save as” and save it on your computer and then upload it to your GPS device. See instruction manual for procedure.