The season for renting a dirtbike in Dubai is at its peak!

The desert is crisp, weather is nice and fresh and you can ride all day long. If you have ridden a moped, motorcycle or any manual gear-shifter bike you will be set to go for your first full day ride! The companies below will all do their outmost for your best desert experience on a 2-wheeler bike, call it motocross, touring or enduro in Dubai. Its more or less the same.

We are neutral on our opinions on who to choose but go on reviews on the net and you will get your own opinion on who to trust when its time to twist the throttle!

Most motocross-bikes here in Dubai is from either KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Other brands exist but with limited exposure, Suzuki is almost gone sadly.


Happy riding out there!



  • SRG Motorsport

    Ras Al Khor, behind Dune bike
    Currently the new Husqvarna supplier in Dubai. Sean Gaugain started his own workshop and proving to fill a needed gap in the market for professional bike maintenance. Also arranges Bike tours on new Husqvarnas

  • Crazy Camel racing

    Ras Al khor
    Previously Emirates bike tours and Gas Gas tours, now crazy camel racing
    arranging desert rides and rent out bikes


  • MX Dubai

    New company renting out mx bikes and arranging tours. A link to New Just Gas it.
    Al Awir

  • NEW Just Gas It

    Rents out mx bikes and organizing tours of the desert in Dubai and UAE.
    United Arab Emirates

  • Big Red motorsports

    Al Badayer
    The man behind the previous Just Gas It is now running this company. Renting out mx bikes and arranging tours.

  • Motoventure

    Al Awir
    They do Guided dirtbike tours, Storage, Christini AWD motorcycles sales.

    rent dirtbike motocross dubai

    rent dirtbike motocross dubai