Racing season normally starts in end of September every year and finish in april. For 2015/2016 season the first race will be announced later this year.

You need a FIM license to race on DMX and UAQ (emirates motorplex) racing days. You can get the license from ATC and costs about 500aed, per calendar year, starting in january every year.

You also need a transponder for the DMX races. Its included in the UAQ races. Normally DMX arranges for the transponders to be bought or rented for every race. Rent is 150AED per day if needed. The transponders used are from Mylaps.

There is quite a few classes running, all from 65cc to 450, MX1 class. Beginners and MX1/2 standard whereof there is always a few very fast riders. However “masters” class and “clubman” attracts a wide group of riders too.

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Typical race-day Information Season 2015-2016

Here’s a check list of things to remember for Friday-races:

  • Riders must be present to sign themselves in & sign in before the end of registration at between 7am & 8am, riders arriving after that will not be permitted to race on this race day. Registration will be in the top control tower.
  • Race fees – 150 AED for DMX members (per rider/per class) or 100 AED non members fee plus 150 AED race day fee (per rider/per class).
  • You will require a valid 2013 FIM license. You will be asked to show this new license to race. Anyone still not got there’s please email Stuart Murray <> asap, there is still time to process it before Friday. You can also buy a day FIM license but this is only valid for one race day.
  • You will require a transponder if you’re racing, if you don’t have your own, you can rent from the club at 150 AED per race day. Please make sure your transponders are fully charged up for race day, as we may not have any spare to rent!
  • Race numbers on bikes need to be clear & in white or black on white or black background. Quads require a rear number board.
  • Attached is a self scrutineering form, there will be some available on the day but if you prefer you can print off & complete to save time at registration. Riders need to have completed the self scrutineering form before they can register.

The race schedule will be announced at 8am after registration.

Scrutineering form Dubai Motocross Track

Race schedule season 2015-2016

Rd 1 Friday 2 october 2015
Rd 2 Friday 16 october 2015
Rd 3 Friday 6 November 2015
Rd 4 Friday 20 November 2015
Rd 5 Friday 11 December 2015
Rd 6 Friday 15 January 2016
Rd 7 Friday 5 February 2016
Rd 8 Friday 26 February 2016
Rd 9 Friday 18 March 2016
Rd 10 Friday 15 April 2016

Results 2014-2015 Dubai Motocross

See Mylaps for most races or on the link for winners in each class.

Also see our article of the same here

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Results 2013-2014 Dubai Motocross

4 oct 2013 Round 1,  –Results with points!

8 nov 2013 Round 2 -Race Cancelled only Clubday and no points

22 nov 20 Round 3 -Results

6 dec 2013 Round 4 .Results

10 jan 2014 Round 5 Results

24 jan 2014 Round 6 Results

21 feb 2014 Round 7 Results

21 mar 2014 Round 8 Results

18 apr 2014 Round 9 Results

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Results 2012/2013 Dubai Motocross