This morning Dubai Creek Striders payed tribute to the great Triathlete Roy Nasr who tragically died friday 6 september. He got hit by a car, from behind, when out on his weekly friday ride, around Nad Al Sheeba cycle track. A larger than normal crowd showed this morning for the special run which started off with a silent minute. In the light of safety, the message was to be sure you are visible to the traffic and runners when out running, whereof all wore something fluorescent.
This tragic accident has put a dampened feeling in the sporting communities here in Dubai the last week. All of us has now to think of our sports in wider perspective and put SAFETY as first priority. Dubai is a great place for sports, with 365days a year with excellent weather for outdoor activities.
Dubai grows fast and perhaps the infrastructure has not quite caught up with additional safe areas to exercise. There is 2 main areas in Dubai, solely dedicated to cycling any day of the week. Nad al sheeba cycle track and Al Qudra cycle track. And the good news is, RTA will build 100’s of additional kilometers with new cycle tracks, to allow the sports to grow safely. We are thankful for all that can be done and meanwhile stay safe out there!

We have listed all cycle areas where we think its safest to ride in the city of Dubai. Please share it with your friends. Have a look here!


Images from this morning.

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