We are spoiled in Dubai. No i do not mean we are all millionaires, but we are surrounded by AC units that blows cool air on us and we really do not need to be outside much. Now, that is if you are not a motocross rider in Dubai.

Most riders put the helmet on the shelf and the bike on dubizzle when temperatures hit the mid 35C in april. Not these guys, Sam Sunderland and Ross Runnalls are out battling the heat this afternoon, a mild +42C with 60% is not stopping them.

Have a look on the video filmed with a DJI with a GoPro just outside Dubai. The Marina and Emirates hills skyline is making this backdrop looks sick.

Sam Sunderland is charging on a new level, he is from the motocross background and now aiming high in the Rally world of bikes. He is fit, mentally strong and hungry for victory and it shows on his riding. Smooth, fast and incredible bike skill and control of his KTM SXF450 factory bike.

This is turn track motocross in Dubai at its best. Enjoy!