On the weekend of 9-12 october the Wakepark Worlds championship took place on the grounds of Al Forsan Abu Dhabi. The best Wakepark riders in the world came to battle of the total prize money of 30000USD in the final of 2013.  Fantastic venue here in Abu Dhabi, with laid back feeling, drinks flowing and heat not not too bad. Great DJ Eric Morillo had to cancel, hence not a massive crowd, but as said, great vibe and hopefully we will see more of these events in the future here in UAE.

Local talent Omeir Saeed was in the weekends battle, but failed to qualify for the saturday finals. We are stoked though of this young talent here in UAE, pulling skills like nothing else in the region.

Our video edit from Saturday finals.

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Results from the weekends finals, see below.

Wakeboard Pro Men

1 Matty Hasler

2 James Windsor

3 Dominik Ghurs

Wakeboard Pro Women

1 Julia Rick

2 Courtney Angus

3 Maxine Sapulette

Wakeboard Features Men

1 Daniel Grant

2 Tom Fooshee

3 Chandler Powell

Wakeboard Features Women

1 Courtney Angus

2 Julia Rick

3 Angelika Schriber

Wakeskate Pro Men

1 Daniel Grant

2 Mayce Dipple

3 Antemly Dunaev